The E-Digits is a registered business in Canada and Pakistan. It is providing IT products and services since 2006…

The Founder/Chairman has been working internationally as an Independent Consultant since 1992. He started business as a company in 2005 in Canada in the name of Manageware. It was a very small business, providing IT products and services locally.

In 2006, the company was registered (incorporated) as E-Digits, and started providing IT products and services focusing on four areas;

  • Software/E-Commerce
  • Computers, Electronics, Appliances
  • Digital Media Graphics Design Services
  • Live Training and Support of computers and certification programs

Later in 2014 the Chairman formed another company called Metropolitan Group. which provides hitech consulting services for

  • E-Business, CRM, ERP, Live Agent
  • Perks HR. HRMS
  • Education and Training, SIS
  • Finance Management
  • Facilities Management, CCTV and its Software
  • Automotive Tajars.ca
  • Humsafar Community Services

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